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Ostomy Care at Home

MedStar Visiting Nurse Association offers knowledgeable and supportive nursing care to ostomy patients to help them regain their independence at home. Specially certified wound, ostomy and continence care nurses visit patients' homes to teach them how to care for their ostomy and live comfortably with an ostomy pouch.

Education includes:

  • How to empty the pouch
  • How to clean the area
  • How to care for the skin around the stoma
  • How to replace the pouch
  • Food guidelines to minimize discomfort and improve quality of life

What is an ostomy?
An ostomy is a surgically created opening in the abdomen for the discharge of body waste. After the ostomy is created, you will expel waste through a stoma.

What is a stoma?
A stoma is the end of the small or large intestine that can be seen protruding or sticking out of the abdomen wall. It is the where stool will leave the body and be collected in the ostomy pouch.

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