Barbara Boateng

Barbara Boateng, RN, Central Maryland

One of MedStar VNA’s nurses in the Central Maryland region, Barbara Boateng has worked with the organization for four years. Her daily activities involve visiting patient homes and assessing their vitals and medications as well as conversing with them about their conditions. As appropriate, Barbara educates her patients on proper wound care and signs of infection as well as healthy diets and how to maintain optimal blood sugar levels.

“My favorite part about my job is assessing patient needs. Sometimes, patients don’t know where to turn when recovering from a surgery, illness, or disease; I love being able to meet their needs and keep them out of the hospital. I also really like the teaching element that comes with my position. You can really talk to people and make an impact on their lives, and, by educating them, you can help patients stay healthy and keep ahead of their ailments.”

Sandra Mabry

Sandra Mabry, PT, Rehab Care Manager – Washington, D.C.

Having had a career as a physical therapist and additional professional experience in sales and consulting, Sandra Mabry has worked with MedStar VNA for four years as a rehabilitation care manager. In this position, Sandra assists the operations directors in the Washington, D.C., region with managing the daily challenges therapists face in the field. Her years of service have increased her passion for the job and have taught her a number of leadership skills. According to Sandra, her current position and the team she works with at MedStar VNA have given her a strong appreciation for homecare. She cites her favorite aspects of working at MedStar VNA as the flexibility the organization offers, the teamwork, and the people she works with. Sandra also says that MedStar VNA has consistently encouraged her to pursue career growth without opposition at any level of management.

“As a therapist, I love helping people regain the strength, mobility, and confidence to live in their own homes. I also like handling customer service issues because I want patients to have a great experience in homecare. Overall, I enjoy my job because of the hardworking D.C. rehab team. I also know I play a crucial part of making day-to-day operations run smoothly. Plus, I know I always have the full support of my team, which makes it so much easier.

“The flexible schedule doesn’t mean that there are 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. or 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. shifts because homecare is working 24 hours, 7 days a week sometimes. Management really listens to employees; everyone is always looking to helping each other grow. The support is always there, so you want to push yourself to make a difference in homecare.”

Wilhemina Mason

Wilhemina Mason, RN, Care Manager – Suburban Maryland

Mason has been with MedStar VNA for a little over eight years. As a case manager, she works to provide safe and effective care to assigned patients to promote health and well-being and to help them achieve desirable outcomes. She is responsible for everything from comprehensive skilled nursing assessments, medication reconciliation and teaching, wound care/treatments, central line care and home health aide supervision to chart/peer reviews and patient and caregiver education. Mason also communicates with physicians by updating them on patients’ statuses and making changes to treatment plans as needed to meet defined goals.

“I appreciate working with MedStar VNA so much because of our mission to put patients’ safety first. We all work together toward one common goal and help each other along the way. I’m currently enrolled in the Master of Science in Nursing program to advance my career within MedStar because I want to continue my journey with MedStar VNA. Having a supportive team and knowing that MedStar VNA holds the SPIRIT values high creates a unique environment where employees are acknowledged for their hard work.”

Phyllis Norville

Phyllis Norville, RN, Homecare Consultant – Washington, D.C.

Phyllis Norville has worked with MedStar for nearly 29 years and has been with MedStar VNA since 2006. As a homecare consultant, Phyllis travels among different MedStar hospitals to coordinate the forthcoming needs for patients about to be discharged. She works closely with case management representatives to ensure patients will receive needed wound treatment, antibiotics, and other services when they are taken under MedStar VNA care. She says her favorite part of working at MedStar VNA is the diversity of the organization and the patients.

“I love encountering different people from different cultures and learning new things from patients every day. And my team—they’re the best set of coworkers. Even on a bad day where I’m not feeling my best, I still look forward to going to work. I love it. Working here is like working with family. Everyone I encounter is nice and welcoming, and it has been so easy to build relationships with people. MedStar VNA supports you, overall, in your life with benefits like career advancement and tuition reimbursement. I just feel so connected here and I wouldn’t have it any other way.”

Landon Ingram

Landon Ingram, PT – Washington, D.C.

Landon Ingram has worked as a physical therapist with MedStar VNA for a year and a half. On a daily basis, he helps homebound patients gain confidence and independence in their homes by teaching them different balance and rehabilitation activities. These activities include helping patients learn how to transition from sitting to standing, properly change direction while walking, and find better methods of getting in and out of bed. According to Landon, being with MedStar VNA has allowed him to gain confidence in his abilities as a therapist and caregiver.

“I love working one-on-one with patients. It gives me the opportunity to focus on them and know that what I am doing is really helping them, unlike other environments where it’s easy to feel pulled in different directions. Plus, I love forming friendships with the different generations of people I treat and being able to learn different things about life from them. It makes it fun to leave the house each morning—to interact with very unique and loving people that are excited for you to show up at their houses.”

Frances James

Frances James, MSW – Central Maryland

Frances TestimonialFrances James has been with MedStar VNA for almost six years. As a medical social worker, Frances travels to patients’ homes to ensure they have all the resources they need and are living in a safe space. Her position involves a lot of troubleshooting when assessing new patients.

With a commitment to providing patients everything they need to live safely, she highlights her appreciation for MedStar’s Quality of Life Fund, calling it “a lifesaver.” The fund, which employees can donate to, is available for clinicians’ use when a patient needs equipment such as a shower chair or hearing device.

“I love that every home visit is a new experience for me because there’s always that mystery when walking into a new patient’s home. I also really enjoy the flexibility of homecare with MedStar and knowing that people are available at the office to help ‘just in case.’ The individuals at MedStar VNA are very accommodating when you need help and everyone is always working together for the common goal of keeping patients out of the hospital. Teamwork really makes a difference.”

Heather Fitzhugh-Boehm

Heather Fitzhugh-Boehm, RN – Central Maryland

During her nine years with MedStar Health, Heather Fitzhugh-Boehm has realized that home healthcare is the ideal field for her. According to Heather, seeing the difference she makes in patients’ lives has been one of the most rewarding aspects of her job.

Heather visits patients with chronic health conditions and helps them keep their symptoms under control to avoid emergency medical situations that could lead to hospital admission. In addition to her patient care role, Heather acts as a preceptor for her team, training the new nurses to provide optimal care to help patients live safely at home.

“The relationships I build with patients in their own homes are very different from the relationships I built with patients I cared for when I worked in a hospital. For me, home health relationships are much more personal and meaningful. My advice for someone seeking a job in home healthcare is: this job is 90 percent personality and 10 percent nursing. Clinicians in this field have to build relationships with patients and have a passion for education. Our job isn’t only to take care of patients, but rather to teach them how to achieve a better quality of life.”

According to Heather, MedStar managers know the challenges she faces in the field, and take genuine interest in her life and aspirations. “My home healthcare career would not have been possible without MedStar’s management and opportunities for advancement. Everyone here really cares.”

Shalundra Butler

Shalundra Butler, Scheduler – Central Maryland

Shalundra TestimonialShalundra Butler’s MedStar Health career has spanned across 16 years and a variety of roles. She currently works as a scheduler, which involves assigning patients to the nurses, therapists, and aides who will care for them at home.

Shalundra says she greatly appreciates the flexibility of working within MedStar and enjoys the daily challenges that further her dedication and commitment to the team. According to Shalundra, her personal goal is to always provide the best customer service.

“MedStar VNA has given me a number of opportunities to try new roles and grow my career within the company. In my current position, I really enjoy helping the nurses and therapists who care for patients in the field. If they are running behind or can’t see a patient because an issue came up, I help by adjusting their patient visits. I can quickly assign the patient to another nurse or therapist to make sure the patient gets the care he or she needs.”

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