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Become a Philanthropy Advocate

Regardless of your role, as an associate of MedStar VNA, you experience different levels of gratitude every day. It may be gratitude expressed by patients, their loved ones, physicians or other customers. These moments of high gratitude and thankfulness are the experiences that move you and reassure your commitment to our mission. As levels of thankfulness increase, many people want to express appreciation for and return kindness to others.

As a Philanthropy Advocate, you will use these moments of gratitude to help people make a difference in someone else’s life. When people feel great gratitude, they often are compelled to give back in some way. As a Philanthropy Advocate, you can help people find a way to give back by personally connecting them to the mission of MedStar VNA.

What is a Philanthropy Advocate?

They are just that—an advocate. A Philanthropy Advocate support’s our non-profit, philanthropic efforts publically and serves as a spokesperson for MedStar VNA’s Philanthropy team. This may include helping others identify personal ways to show gratitude for the organization.

What are the duties of a Philanthropy Advocate?

The main duties of a Philanthropy Advocate, include:

  • Understanding what philanthropy is and the role it plays in advancing the care we are able to provide
  • Speaking highly of philanthropic support for MedStar VNA
  • Educating others about philanthropy, how they can become involved, and why we need their support
  • Recognizing the signs of potential readiness to show philanthropic appreciation

Are Philanthropy Advocates required to make a donation?

While it may not be the right time for you to give a monetary donation, your support as a Philanthropy Advocate is still greatly appreciated. Currently, donations from Philanthropy Advocates are not required. Your time and support is a gift in its self.

How can I become a Philanthropy Advocate?

If you are interested in becoming a Philanthropy Advocate, please contact Christina Heilman at [email protected].